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U.S. mayors advocate using bitcoin to tackle inflation
The mayor of an American city, Scott Conger, recently tweeted that he believes bitcoin can solve inflation.

His tweet asked the federal government several questions about inflation in the United States, and finally pointed to bitcoin as a possible solution to inflation.

It's no secret that the rate of inflation in the United States has risen sharply over the past few years. Current projections show inflation in the United States at 6.35 percent over the next two years. Mayor Conger also pointed this out on his Twitter feed.

Mayor Scott Conger tweeted on July 16, "Why do we accept inflation? Why don't we ask the federal government for more? Inflation in 2 years was 6.3%. I grew up with an inflation rate of 172.8%. Our dollar depreciated and did not rebound. And now there's one thing that can fix it: Bitcoin."

Conger points out that in the 37 years since he was born, U.S. inflation has been 172.8 percent.

The mayor called on citizens to make more demands on the federal government, noting that the value of the dollar will decline over time.

Belongs to Conger's Blockchain Task Force. Conger, a millennial, is a staunch advocate of bitcoin.

At 35, Conger became the youngest mayor in Jackson, Tennessee, defeating his opponent, Jerry Woods, by more than 3,000 votes.

Mayor Conger has never hidden his support for digital assets. On April 8, Conger announced via Twitter that he was forming a blockchain task force. He said it will help explore how to better position Jackson for the future.

On April 8, Mayor Scott Conger tweeted, "I took inspiration from @Francissuarez. Over the next few weeks, I'll be putting together a blockchain working group to explore how best to position Jackson in the future. # Crypto# cryptocurrency# bitcoins"

Similarly, the mayor has teamed up with Black Wall Street, who now uses a photo on Twitter as his profile with the laser eye that has become synonymous with Bitcoin staunchly.

Conger believes digital assets will bring more opportunity and choice to his constituents.

Conger quotes earlier; "It is refreshing to hear governments discussing various financing options. Other than, "We're going to raise your property taxes," or "We're going to implement this fee." If we can find another way to do it, that's what we're going to do."

Encouraging citizens to pay their taxes in bitcoin, Mayor Scott Conger further explained that his blockchain task force is currently studying how to get the city to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

Apparently, the city of Jackson is working on ways to make it possible for its citizens to pay taxes with bitcoin.

In a July 16 tweet, Mayor Scott Conger wrote, "Our Blockchain Working Group is working on ways to get the City of Jackson to accept taxes paid in Bitcoin and allow our employees to perform decision curve analysis for Bitcoin."

So far, the appeal has received a positive response from the community. Users took to Twitter to show their support for the proposal by retweeting the mayor's message.

While there are concerns about the cost, others have pointed out that at some point in the future, Bitcoin should expand to other cryptos.

While there is still some way to go before digital assets become ubiquitous, there is a growing number of high-profile figures in the crypto space who accept digital assets.

If Mr Conger succeeds in this in his city, many others may follow.

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