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Vietnam's Ministry of Education uses Tomochain's blockchain services
Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is now unable to avail itself of the latest partnership from Blockchain Services under the smaller marketplace contract platform TomoChain. The ministry will leverage blockchain's core functions, such as transparency and immutable verification of data.

According to a version shared with AMBCrypto, the ministry's national qualification archive plan will ensure that all certificates earned by the country's high school and higher education students are uploaded to the TomoChain blockchain. To date, this will be the largest blockchain technology exploration in Vietnam. In fact, the initiative marks the first instance of a major government adopting a public blockchain at the national level.

So far, governments and researchers have only discussed the adoption of blockchain. A UN adviser wants Kenya to adopt blockchain technology to fight government corruption and economic crime. The research department at King's College London detailed how blockchain technology could reduce the risk of potential nuclear war. But, so far, these claims remain only on paper.

The same is true in education. In 2017, though, the University of Melbourne began using Blockchain to issue digital certificates and other services. A survey conducted last year collected that only 2% of such higher education respondents used blockchain, and 47% of those respondents expressed a lack of interest in the technology.

But Nguyen Van Phuc, Vietnam's deputy minister of Education and Training, noted blockchain technology's solution in education, saying in a statement:

Diploma and certificate management is a problem that needs to be solved through technology, which is important for society as a whole and cost-effective for diploma management systems (education in particular).

The national system will be implemented in the 2020-2021 school year. Following a successful trial, all types of diplomas awarded by the ministry's training units will be gradually introduced into the national qualification filing system, with about 1.5 million diplomas per year.

Meanwhile, prior to this partnership, Singapore-based TomoChain's corporate experience includes developing solutions for the healthcare, energy and automotive industries.

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