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British police raid cannabis factories in search of Bitcoin mining operations
British police have stumbled upon a cryptocurrency mining operation after raiding what they believe to be a cannabis farm.

• West Midlands police forced their way into industrial park units in Sandwell, near Birmingham, on 18 May and found about 100 devices apparently used for BTC.

• Officials found that the operation had stolen "thousands of pounds worth" of electricity,

• "This is certainly not what we expected!" Sandwell Police Chief Jennifer Griffin said.

• The raid followed reports of multiple people visiting the unit at strange hours of day and night, as well as "extensive" wiring and ventilation ducts. A police drone picked up a lot of heat.

• "They are all classic signs of a marijuana factory," it said.

• The unit was left unattended at the time of the raid and no arrests have been made.

• The discovery is only the second of its kind to be found in the West Midlands, according to Griffin.

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